5 lakhs Died Due to COVID-19 in USA

Washington (Agency)|The fact Eye 5 Lacs died due to COVID-19 in America till date, which is the 20% of total mortality of the world. It is completely upheaval in America and nearabout 20.82 million cases have been recorded till date along with 498384 deaths. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden will announce $ 4 billion in aid to supply the Corona Virus (COVID-19) vaccine to poor countries.

As per the data released by the Centre for System Science and Engineering (CSSE) of John Hopkins University America infected cases of COVID-19 raised to 11.12 million out of which 2.4 million are no more. After America India is 2nd country if talking about the cases and Brazil is in the 3rd number.

Britain: 1.20 Lakhs Died Due to COVID-19.

In the last 24 hours in Britain this worldly pandemic got raised by 10,406 with total over 4.1 million cases by today, and more than 1.20 lakhs died because of this. As per the data more than 10.72 million people got their first dose of COVID Vaccine. 

Health minister Nadine Dorries said that until all the 50 years above aged will not vaccinated till then we will not take rest. As per one report new COVID cases after January got reduced in the country. Britain is facing the 3rd national lockdown and the same restrictions are implicated in Scotland, Wales and in North Ireland too. UK President Boris Johnson will bring the new plans for reducing the cases in country.

Australian Prime Minister got the COVID Vaccine

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison got the Vaccination for COVID-19. Australia started his first vaccination drive and Prime Minister was one among them who joined this. The very first Pfizer vaccine dose was injected to 84-year-old Jane Melisyak as the Prime Minister tweeted,” Meet Jane: The first person in Australia to receive a #COVID19 Vaccine. Today is a landmark day in our comeback from this pandemic. Vaccinations are free and voluntary for everyone in Australia and our own medical experts have found these vaccines to be safe & effective”.

News Source :-अमेरिका में कोरोना से पांच लाख लोगों की मौत

 Australia granted the permission for Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccines.

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