3 Short Stories For Kids


Sticks of Wood



Once there was an old farmer.He had four sons. They always quarreled. one day the farmer called them. He gave them a bundle of sticks. He asked them to break it. But nobody could break the bundle.T hen he opens the bundle. He gave everyone a stick. Now they easily do it. Then the farmer said,” United you are powerful will you be”. All the sons accepted the advice of their father. They began to live happily.

Sticks of Wood

Moral: Unity is Strength!



A Foolish Crow



Once, a crow gets a piece of cheese. He began to eat it. Suddenly a fox. Whose eyes were very sharp came there. He was hungry a lot. He was a clever fox. He knew that the crow was very foolish. So, he requested the crow to sing a sweet song. The crow became very happy and opened his beak to sing the song. But the piece of cheese fell down. At this, the clever fox jump on it and taking it up. He runs away. The crow repented on its folly.


Moral: Flattery makes one foolish.

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Golden Egg



Once upon a time, a farmer named Motilal had a goose.it laid a big golden egg daily. Motilal sold it in the market and got a lot of money. But Motilal wanted more money., So one day he thought, ”My goose lays only one golden egg in a day. It gives me only seven eggs in a week. There are many eggs in its belly. I shall kill it to get all the eggs.” Therefore, he took a sharp knife and killed the goose. He cut and opened belly. But there was no golden egg in its belly. Now, he felt very sorry. But his greed ruined him.

golden egg

Moral: Too much greed always leads to great loss.

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