2+2 Ministerial dialogue | India to sign geo-spatial cooperation BECA with the U.S.

India-US agreement on BICA agreement, to sign today

New Delhi. Negotiations are continuing at the India-US 2 + 2 Ministerial meeting. The Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BICA) agreement to take defense relations to a new height between India and the US has final and is expecting to sign on Tuesday. The agreement finalized in delegation-level bilateral talks between US Defense Minister Mark Esper and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, who attended the third ministerial-level plus two-to-one dialogue between India and the US. It will sign during the two plus two ministerial-level dialogue between the defense ministers and foreign ministers of the two countries on Tuesday.

Why is this meeting important for India?

India has joined the US amid tension on the border with China. This meeting is holding to further strengthen this relationship. Many important issues can discuss and agreed upon in the meeting. There may also be some historical agreements between India and the United States. Some of the things that will be monitored in this meeting are as follows: –

BECA agreement, defense procurement, maritime occupation of China, discussion on corona, cooperation in Indo-Pacific, H-1B visa, terrorism, power management in Asia, and inclusion of India among permanent members of the Security Council could be discussed. At the same time, this high-level dialogue is taking place between the ongoing dispute with China on the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh and the increasing Chinese military dominance in the Indo-Pacific region. Both issues expected to be discus.

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