2 parameters will decide India’s COVID Vaccine priority — the risk of Exposure & of severe disease

Three doses of the vaccine that Cadila Healthcare is working on will have to be taken. The Union Minister told to other vaccines and their respective doses are being tested in the pre-clinical phase.

New Delhi: Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that at present the vaccines of the Corona vaccine (COVID-19 vaccine) are in the first, second, and third stages under various testing procedures. In a ‘Sunday Samvad’ with his followers on social media, the Health Minister said that the ministry and agencies are waiting for the vaccine results.

The Union Minister said that other vaccines and their respective doses are testing in the pre-clinical phase.

Corona Vaccine Distribution Plan

The minister stated that the government plans to include the COVID-19 vaccine by prioritizing the target groups in the entire population, clarifying that it anticipates that the supply of the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in limited quantities initially.

He also said that in a large country like India, prioritizing vaccine delivery by brainstorming on a number of topics, including hazard assessment, their need among different population groups, mortality among the total cases of the corona, is also a challenging task.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan also said that India is seeing the availability of many types of vaccines, some of which may be suitable for a particular age group while others are preparing to provide vaccines simultaneously.

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