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151st Birth Anniversary- ​​5 movies on Mahatma Gandhi

Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat. Today we are celebrating the 151st birth anniversary of Bapu.


Cultural programs are organized

Today is Gandhi Jayanti. There is a national holiday in India, yet today people organize cultural programs. To remember ‘Bapu’ prayer meetings are in colleges, institutes, and government offices. Mahatma Gandhi, a symbol of peace and non-violence, led an inspiring life, based on great ideals and principles. He was a true follower of non-violence. He taught the world an important lesson through his famous quote, ‘One eye instead of one eye blinds the whole world’.

Three Principles

The phrase “See no evilHear no evilSpeak no evil” as a message of peace and tolerance. Mahatma Gandhi’s visual metaphor of the three monkeys, with one of them covering his eyes, the second his mouth, and the third his ears.

three monkey

Many great films made on Gandhi

There are many chapters in the life of this great leader, Mahatma Gandhi, from which anyone can take inspiration and learn many lessons of life. Many autobiographies, magazines, and newspapers have written articles on his life.

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gandhi movie

Therefore, those people, who have not read much about Gandhi and his personality, can see great films made on Gandhi, which we are giving here.

  1. महात्मा: द लाइफ ऑफ गांधी (1968)
  2. गांधी माई फादर (2007)

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